“If we’re going to find cures for children with cancer, we have to think big, work smart, and fund research that helps them survive and thrive.”

These are the words The St. Baldrick’s Foundation have been living by since they began their journey in 2000.  Since then, The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has impacted the fight against childhood cancers:

  • Granting over $127 million to hundreds of childhood cancer research projects since 2005.
  • Training the next generation of researchers.
  • Making St. Baldrick’s the largest funder of childhood cancer research grants, second only to the U.S. Government.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation makes grants to research organizations that meet stringent criteria and share the Foundation’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and emphasis on research. St. Baldrick’s research grants help fill crucial funding gaps at medical institutions where children are treated for cancer, ensuring the finest care for every child.

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That’s why Mother’s Therapy Organics has partnered with the The St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help Conquer Childhood Cancer.  Mother’s Therapy Organics donates a percentage of every Partner Pack sold to keep The St. Baldrick’s Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer.

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